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Meet Advisory Council Member Aldona Standridge

Arkansas Arts Council - Monday, July 15, 2019

Aldona StandridgeAldona Standridge, of Russellville, has spent decades in public service, promoting and supporting the growth of arts in Russellville, fundraising for needed causes and running a small business. Standridge was a member of the Capital Campaign Committee in 2011 that raised money for a needed hospice building in her community. She also has sat on the city’s Planning Commission and is a member of the Russellville Rotary Club. She runs Goldmaster Jewelry and Crown Antiques, which creates custom jewelry and sells antiques. Her district covers a 10-county area from Johnson and Pope counties in the northern section to Pike and Clark counties in southwest Arkansas. Standridge, who recently returned from a visit abroad, took time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Q. How would you describe yourself?

A. I am hardworking and motivated.


Q. What is your connection with the arts in Arkansas?

A. I am an arts supporter.


Q. Why is it important to be on the Advisory Council of the Arkansas Arts Council?

A. My appointment to the Arts Council allows me to continue my support of the arts in Arkansas.


Q. When were you appointed or how long have you been on the advisory board?

A. I was appointed in August 2018. My term will end June 30, 2020.


Q. What are your biggest accomplishments as an artist or arts supporter?

A. My biggest accomplishments in supporting the arts have involved my fundraising efforts.


Q. What would you like to see the advisory board or the Arts Council accomplish this year?

A. I’m still new to the advisory council, so I would like to wait to comment on this.


Q. What do you wish people knew about Arkansas’s arts communities, the Arts Council or the advisory board?

A. I wish Arkansas arts knew the extent of help and assistance the Arkansas Arts Council provides.

For more information about the Advisory Council for the Arkansas Arts Council, please visit arkansasarts.org or call 501-324-9150.