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What's New

Arkansas Artists Can Apply Now for Fellowships

Arkansas Arts Council - Thursday, December 12, 2019


The Arkansas Arts Council is pleased to announce the opening of its Individual Artist Fellowship awards! Up to nine fellowships may be awarded to Arkansas artists. Each fellowship is $4,000.

This year’s categories are:

Literary Arts - Screenwriting
Performing Arts – Theatre Director
Visual Arts – Painting, except for works on paper

The deadline to apply is April 10. Applications are available online at www.arkansasarts.org.

The Arkansas Arts Council awards fellowships annually as a way to recognize and encourage creative excellence. The fellowships enable selected artists to devote more time and energy to creating and mastering their arts and crafts.

Categories change each year to allow the Arkansas Arts Council to recognize a broad range of artists.

For more information, or to apply for a fellowship, visit our website at www.arkansasarts.org or contact Robin McClea, artist services program manager, at 501-324-9348 or at robin.mcclea@arkansas.gov.