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What's New

Committee Reviewing Outcome-based Measures

Arkansas Arts Council - Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Arkansas Arts Council’s advisory board recently formed a committee to consider ways to evaluate grant outcomes. The committee plans to make recommendations to the full board by this fall.

The Grant Committee met this past May and formed short-term goals that include reviewing other state’s performance measurements for funded grants. Members Antzee Magruder, Jeannie Stone, Will Hogg and Chairwoman Remica Gray also decided the committee should get input from past recipients of project grants and create examples of applications that measure and evaluate funded grant projects. The group’s long-term goal is to review and recommend changes to guidelines and procedures.

Other states and nonprofit organizations monitor the effectiveness of their arts programs, according to the National Endowment for the Arts. The committee wants to better understand how communities are impacted by the Arts Council’s grants, Gray said. The project is new, but members are working on guidelines and brainstorming, she said. The model for requesting outcome information may vary based on different programs, grants, etc.

The Arts Council offers a wide range of grants, including professional development grants for artists, arts in education grants that place professional artists in schools and general operating support grants for arts organizations around the state. The committee meets again in July with the full Advisory Council meeting on Aug. 8.