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Artist Registry Connects Artists and Art Lovers

Arkansas Arts Council - Monday, June 29, 2020

"Self-portrait," digital art, by Anna ZusmanWe bring artists and collectors together. Our Artist Registry is free for Arkansas artists and is a platform used by gallery curators and collectors to discover —or rediscover —new and interesting art.

“At the ACANSA Gallery, we have 12 shows per year, and we strive to showcase Arkansas artists as much as possible,” said Will Hogg, who curates the ACANSA exhibits. “The Arts Council’s Artist Registry is a great resource for finding talented visual artists to showcase.”

ACANSA is a visual and performing arts festival that facilitates and encourages compelling art to engage the public, increase dialogue about the arts in Arkansas and help support economic innovation through the arts.

Hogg is also a member of our Advisory Council and serves at-large for all of Arkansas.

About 800 artists – from professional to amateur – are on the Artist Registry, said Robin McClea, artist services program manager. Joining the registry is required to submit work to Small Works on Paper, the Arts Council’s annual touring exhibition.

"Queen" by Oluwatobi Adewumi Hogg said artists who were discovered and spotlighted because of the Artist Registry include Oluwatobi Adewumi and Anna Zusman, two international artists who live in Arkansas and are part of the Arts Council’s 2020 Small Works on Paper. Hogg also discovered the work of artist Sigrid Lorfing among others, thanks to the Artist Registry, he said.

Curator Carey Voss also uses the Artist Registry for exhibitions at the Historic Arkansas Museum. Voss said the Artist Registry is a great place for curators and collectors to find contact information on artists from whom they want to buy or showcase artworks.

One of the many perks of the Artist Registry is that it gives artists who don’t have social media platforms or websites an alternative, Voss said. Not every artist has Instagram, for example,or wants to maintain a constant online presence, so the Artist Registry allows individual artists to maintain a web presence, for free, without trying to keep up with online marketing trends, Voss said.

Artists can join the Registry online at www.ArkansasArts.org or by contacting McClea at 501-324-9348 or at Robin.McClea@Arkansas.gov. Artists who are on the registry can update their material and contact information by calling or emailing McClea.